Pixi Lighting
The best light possible

PIXI Lighting, located in Dallas, TX, was established to provide products that combine a passion for art and design with the innovative science of LED technology. Today, PIXI leads the home and commercial lighting industry with the first and only surface mountable solid state, wafer-based products that feature a patent-pending LED edge-lighting technology. The result of this distinctive technology is a unique line of lighting fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial applications that provides warm, natural light in the form of a flat, sleek and versatile design.

The PIXI FlatLight™ Luminaire is a lighting fixture that uses the same light-emitting diode (LED) technology found in high definition televisions to provide smooth, even, energy-efficient light without glare, flicker or hot spots. The patent-pending edge-lit LED fixture has an internal power source that enables the fixture to be flush-mounted on any vertical, horizontal or angled surface. In addition to direct hard surface mounting, the PIXI FlatLight luminaires are very versatile and can fit into T-grid ceilings, can be recessed, or used in hanging or suspended applications.  The PIXI FlatLight™ luminaire ensures optimal light distribution that is cost-effective, energy-efficient, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

PIXI Lighting transforms the centuries-old “light fixture/replaceable lamp” business model into a cutting-edge, technology savvy industry featuring thin and flat, solid state, all-in-one lighting devices that combine long-lasting, energy-efficient LED modules, practical and fashion-forward designs, and modern digital features and functionality. All products are manufactured without the use of mercury or lead, reinforcing PIXI Lighting’s eco-friendly principles and values.

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