LED Flatlight Panels

Pixi offers beautiful light for living. Our FlatLight™ LED Luminaires are perfect in homes, businesses or anywhere you want elegant, efficient light. We are an expert in LED lighting design and development. Pixi Lighting features innovations that enable our FlatLight™ Luminaires to outshine competitors. Our proprietary technology yields aesthetically pleasing lights that replace many conventional lighting products with modern technology, last longer, deliver better lighting performance and provide financial and design advantages for residential and commercial applications.


Light is essential for life. It enhances the way we work, entertain, relax and enjoy our living spaces. Pixi Lighting understands the power and potential of this lifestyle-defining element. And our passion for the art and science of superior lighting sets us apart. The Pixi line of LED FlatLight™ solutions is designed to easily replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, while delivering substantial advantages. For instance, Pixi FlatPanel™ lights are extremely thin (0.55 inches thick), edge-lit, use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and contain an internal power supply with no backside protrusion which allows for TruFlat™ mounting. They switch on instantly and generate very little heat. And Pixi LED lights are environmentally friendly — containing no mercury or lead — reducing your carbon footprint.

Pixi Lighting is at the leading edge of LED technology today. And we'll continue defining the future with beautiful, brilliant light that's elegantly designed, efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Welcome to Pixi Lighting. And enjoy living in The best light possible.

Commercial-Grade Solutions

Pixi Lighting provides beautiful lighting solutions for commerce and industry. Our FlatLight™  LED panels are ideal for any Commercial-Grade application — retail stores, offices, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Anywhere you need powerful, energy-efficient light, we deliver exceptional solutions. Pixi Lighting has designed and implemented beautiful, efficient FlatLight™ LED combinations for some of the world's leading companies. You can be next.

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Residential Solutions

Pixi Lighting can transform your home into a beautiful, inviting space with our Flat Light™ LED panels. Our Residential lighting solutions are elegant and appealing. Our FlatLight™ LED panels deliver exceptional lighting performance, design advantages, energy efficiency and long life. Pixi LED lights have a high color rendering, so everything under them looks more vibrant. And Pixi FlatLight™ LED panels contain no mercury or lead, so they're an environmentally responsible choice. Make your home magnificent with Pixi lighting.

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